About the Silicon Valley African Film Festival

Join us on an enriching journey that spans the vibrant landscapes of the African continent and its diaspora through the compelling lenses of its seasoned and emerging filmmakers. The Silicon Valley African Film Festival (SVAFF) offers a window into Africa’s diverse cultures, histories, and perspectives with a robust program that includes film screenings, talkback sessions with filmmakers, fashion shows, live performances, panel discussions, workshops, and an African market.

Held annually at the Historic Hoover Theater in San Jose, SVAFF showcases approximately 100 films from over 30 countries. Our festival is more than just a celebration of film; it’s a dynamic forum for cultural exchange and dialogue, providing unfiltered access to the richness, diversity, and vitality of African creative expressions.

Themed “Africa through the African lens,” each festival is designed to engage attendees in thought-provoking dialogue and offer unique social and artistic visions, enriching the community’s understanding of Africa and its global diaspora.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, donors, staff, advisors, volunteers, and the audience, whose invaluable support makes this festival possible year after year. Special thanks also go to our talented filmmakers who share their stories and enrich our lives with their artistic visions.

Join us as we celebrate the art of African cinema, fostering connections across communities, cultures, and continents.

The best film festival I attended this year”

San Francisco Bay View Newspaper

San Francisco, California

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