Narrative - Short



Narrative short
8 minutes / 2017
Director: Hlumela Matika
Country: South Africa / USA
A short hybrid fiction/documentary portraiture film on the refugee community of Syracuse. Upstate New York the film takes us into the lives of ordinary people in an english class reenactment, they are taught the English Language. Most refugees have all gone through this process of learning a new language. We then follow Soria (fictional character name), from Ethiopia as she tries to find work with the very little English she has learnt. Through the reenactment of an uncomfortable interview and we see her employed and working at the bar. We see what work means for her and her family. We then follow a younger refugee boy from the same English class, Yusuf, We see him at his home, going about his everyday life. Yusuf tells us the story of his journey to Syracuse.