Narrative - Feature



Narrative feature
80 minutes / 2017
Director: Alasambom Nyingchuo & Ashu Egbe
Country: Cameroon
What will you do if you're told by your doctor that you don't have long to live? That is the situation Maalle, who is wanted for elephant poaching, finds himself. He decides to undo some of his wrongs before he dies. He escapes from his hospital bed to go and uncover the elephant tusks that he has hidden in the forest with the intention of returning to the government authorities through a greedy and corrupt politician. The Police is tipped on Maalle’s where about by a passer-by who hopes to claim the ransom. So the chase starts, in this fast-paced action movie, where the hunter becomes the hunted. Maalle’s son, Moto outsmarts him and takes the tusks before Maalle could get there. Jennifer, the girlfriend of Moto and the link with network of elephant tusks traffickers, is caught between love and betrayal.