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Diaspora Spotlight: Brazil

  • From the Roots to the Tips

    From the Roots
    From the Roots to the Tips (Portuguese / English subtitles)
    20 minutes / 2015
    Documentary Short
    Director: Flora Egécia
    Country: Brazil
    Despite the country’s image of accepting all types of people, racism is a daily occurrence in Brazil that affects black peoples."From the Roots to the Tips,” speaks of the acceptance of curly hair as a statement of black identity in the country.

  • Kbela

    (Portuguese / English subtitles)
    15 minutes / 2016
    Documentary Short
    Director: Yasmin Thayná
    Country: Brazil
    A sensitive look at the experience of racism suffered by black women in Brazil. Beautifully photographed and packed with symbolism, song and movement, Kbela invokes the ancestral powers and beauty of Mama Africa as expressed in the natural hair of the black woman. It invites us on a transformational journey of self discovery, self-representation and empowerment.

  • Òrun Àiyé

    Orun Aiye
    Òrun Àiyé (Portuguese / English subtitles)
    12 minutes / 2015
    Director: Jamile Coelho / Cintia Maria
    Country: Brazil
    Òrun Àiyé shows the trajectory of Oxalá in its mission to create the world.
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  • Port of Little Africa

    Port of Little Africa
    Port of Little Africa (Portuguese / English subtitles)
    77 minutes / 2014
    Documentary Feature
    Director: Claudia Mattos
    Country: Brazil
    The origins of Rio de Janeiro's Port Area, nicknamed Little Africa. A place of strong African cultural heritage, where samba, football, many important social and workers rebellions, Rio's bohemian lifestyle and the city's first favela were born. Little Africa taught Rio how to be carioca.
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  • Snack Time

    Snack time
    Snack Time (Portuguese / English subtitles)
    15 minutes / 2015
    Narrative Short
    Director: Claudia Mattos
    Country: Brazil
    If it wasn’t for the free lunch at the public school, the brothers Joalisson, Joedson and Jowilson would starve the entire day, because their single mother is unemployed and the family is in a big financial problem. But she doesn’t want the neighbors to know they have no food at home. Every afternoon she obliges the boys to stand at the front window pretending they’re having snack time. How long will this humbug go on?

  • The Summer of Gods

    Summer gods web
    The Summer of Gods (Portuguese / English subtitles)

    Narrative Short
    20 minutes / 2014
    Director: Eliciana Nascimento
    Country: Brazil
    A young girl named Lili who unites with her Afro-Brazilian religious ancestry on a summer visit with family to their ancestral village in rural Brazil. During her stay, she encounters Orishas (African gods) who help her find peace with a gift that has previously vexed her. The film is set in the Northeast of Brazil where Afro-Brazilian religious traditions remain strong. Lili’s Grandma upholds Orisha traditions as an admired local priestess, but to ensure these traditions carry on after she passes, the gifted Lili is led on a mystical adventure of initiation through a nearby forest.
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