United States

  • Narrative short
    21:30 minutes / 2017
    Director: Roseline Gnapi
    Country: USA
    An African American girl, Jasmine, feels insecured about her skin color and is willing to go to any length to be called beautiful.


  • Documentary short
    4 minutes / 2017
    Director: Jacarrea Garraway
    Country: USA
    An exploration of how art produced by the African-American community over the years has played an important role in the fight against systematic oppression.

  • Narrative short
    5 minutes / 2016
    Director: Francesca Andre
    Country: USA
    Charcoal" which at its core, is a story about redemption and overcoming pain. This film focuses on 2 black women, who have been victims of colorism. Although there are vast distances between each of them, their lives are parallel. They constantly face a barrage of social messages that erode their self-worth and self-esteem. Yet through the pain that they’ve endured, these women go through a metamorphosis. They take their power back, fully embracing in their dark complexion and stopping the cycle of self-hatred.


  • Documentary short
    10 minutes / 2017
    Director: Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi
    Country: USA / Cuba
    Jennyselt is a dancer of Afro Cuban Folklore, with great prestige within Cuba and internationally and currently dances with the group Yoruba Andabo. She seeks her successor to keep the legacy of Afro-Cuban culture, dance and religion alive. Jennyselt takes us to the side of Havana that is rarely seen by tourist, Juanelo. Where there is a community project cultivating dreams and teaching the next generation of dancers. Who will she choose to keep the legacy alive?


  • Narrative short
    15 minutes / 2017
    Director: Latheleene Bosé
    Country: USA / Nigeria
    A New York writer born of Nigerian parentage living in London deals with the complexities of a bi-cultural identity. 

  • Narrative short
    10 minutes / 2016
    Director: Ekwa Msangi
    Country: USA / Tanzania
    On the morning of the long-awaited reunion with his exiled family, a man is faced with the heartbreak of a different type of parting - from his lover.


  • Documentary short
    11 minutes / 2017
    Director: May Yam
    Country: Namibia / USA
    This Documentary chronicles an annual medical mission to Namibia where an international group of medical doctors provides orthopedic services to underprivileged families. Follow along as the film covers the story of 1 woman and 2 baby girls through the medical procedures correcting lower body deformities.


  • Narrative short
    8 minutes / 2017
    Director: Hlumela Matika
    Country: South Africa / USA
    A hybrid documentary/fiction short exploring personal journey as it relates to the American refugee community. Transitioning from their home country into a new one, refugees often undertake the challenges of learning a new language. The film follows the lives of Soria played by Habiba Buro (Ethiopian) and Yusuf Mohamed (Somalian) staged in the backdrop of an english class room, the story follows migrants living in Upstate New York, as they embark on a journey of culture assimilation.


  • Narrative short
    9:30 minutes / 2017
    Director: E.G. Bailey
    Country: USA
    How far will a Mother go to protect her children? A 2017 Sundance Official Selection, New Neighbors is a story about a mother and her two sons who move to a new neighborhood, and because of all the killings and assaults on Black lives she is determined to keep her family safe. She takes to the neighborhood with kids in tow. A clever, resourceful, and unique approach to the BLM dialogue.


  • Narrative short
    8 minutes / 2016
    Director: Xavier Burgin
    Country: USA
    Renee Johnson, a mother living in South Central LA, must make a difficult decision when she's late for her job interview. On Time is a proof of concept piece from the larger feature script, Rough Around The Edges, which made it past the 1st round of The Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab. The script follows Renee Johnson's larger arc through the loss of her child, juvenile dependency court, and gaining back her daughter.


  • Narrative feature
    40 minutes / 2016
    Director: Adong Lucy Judith
    Country: USA / Uganda
    An always in control Ugandan woman on the verge of returning home meets a Caucasian American man who reminds her of what it's like to feel and be seen. But what does it mean to be seen by this man when all along Vivian Nimaro has felt invisible?