United Kingdom

  • Experimental short
    6 minutes / 2016
    Director: Lawrie Zidyana
    Country: Zimbabwe / UK
    With the president leading the anti gay rhetoric, being a lesbian in Zimbabwe is very scary. This film is based on a poem written by a Zimbabwean LGBT in a brave response to President Robert Mugabe.


  • Narrative short
    23 minutes / 2016
    Director: Keni Ogunlola
    Country: Nigeria / UK
    THE OGHENEKHAROS, a professional Nigerian couple have abandoned accomplished lives in Nigeria and come to England. They are confident, HIGHLY SKILLED, even ARROGANT. Their hopes are high and their skills are intact. And why not, both boast lofty qualifications in their respective profession. However, as life in the UK slowly unravels, the true worth of their 'top' skills and huge Nigerian portfolio is far from what they had dreamed.


  • Narrative feature
    88 minutes / 2016
    Director: Sunkanmi Adebayo
    Country: Nigeria / UK
    Lost in London is the hilarious tale of Okon and Bona, young students who get selected for an exchange program in London. They attempt to earn some pounds before returning to Nigeria and experience culture shock and all sorts of trouble. But Okon and Bona are made of sterner stuff and every step of the way prove that the Nigerian spirit cannot be broken.