• Narrative short
    26 minutes / 
    Director: Insaf Arafa
    Country: Tunisia
    Aymen and Aicha are deeply in love when all of a sudden, life brings the couple to an unfortunate and deadly test. Comforted by the strength of their love as well as by their love for nature, Aymen and Aicha, rely on their love’s sturdiness to defeat the the tragedy which threatens their future.


  • Narrative feature
    85 minutes / 2016
    Director: Lotfi Achour
    Country: Tunisia
    Burning Hope, is at once the story of an unlikely friendship and the portrait of a fragile country haunted by so many ghosts. 
    Between investigation and intimate story, the movie tells the crossed destinies of two young women and a teenager in a post-revolution Tunisia, swinging between hopes and disillusions.


  • Narrative short
    19 minutes / 2016
    Director: Sofian El Fani
    Country: Tunisia
    Baba Azizi is an old man that was not spared by illness. Passed around from house to house of his different children, he finds himself at his daughter’s for a couple of days. An umpteenth ordeal in perspective... but things will not go as he imagined.