• Animation short
    15 minutes / 2017
    Director: Gatumia Gatumia
    Country: Kenya
    Democracy... illusion or reality? 
    KURA, which is a Swahili word for VOTE, is an animated short film about some of the issues Kenyans have had to consider regarding their Electoral Process and the Democracy it is supposed to serve. It is the eve of a General Election and disturbing happenings have given the nation cause to question the system. Amidst very uncertain circumstances, the incumbent Head of State grapples with the burden of leadership, that ultimately requires him to make some tough decisions.

  • Narrative short
    17 minutes / 2017
    Director: Mark Maina
    Country: Kenya
    The film tells the story of a young African woman obsessed with old routine and an unwillingness to try new things. When she unexpectedly finds an appreciation for a modern day object, she is forced to completely rethink –and overthink –her life.


  • Narrative short
    22 minutes / 2017
    Director: Michelle Mboya
    Country: Kenya
    A young girl suffering from a past trauma believes that she has one day left to live. She sets upon a journey to find her one paradise before it happens.


  • Narrative feature
    62 minutes / 2017
    Director: Peter Wangugi Gitau
    Country: Kenya
    A film about a young boy who is trying to save his younger sister from early marriage and FGM. They manage to escape and end up in a very unforgiving slum.

  • Narrative short
    12 minutes / 2017
    Director: Dancurf Brown
    Country: Kenya
    A short film about youth radicalization and terrorism . It tells the story of Salim: a young guy who finds himself in trouble when a terrorist sect kidnaps his sister and blackmails him to bomb a shopping mall in exchange for his sister's life.