Documentary Short

  • Docuemntary short
    25 minutes / 2017
    Director: Victorien Vialar
    Country: Burkina Faso
    Adama invites us in his daily routine in the village of Tengrela, in between rice harvest, fishing on the lake and his kids' education. His voice leads us to the closest of his thoughts and hopes.


  • Documentary short
    38 minutes / 2017
    Director: Ujuaku Akukwe
    Country: Nigeria
    Afia Attack (trading behind enemy lines). This indigenous trade was a catalyst for survival during the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War. A story of lost hopes, pains, betrayals, sufferings, resilience and bravery. The battle for survival that is usually borne silently by women in wartime. 


  • Documentary short
    4 minutes / 2017
    Director: Jacarrea Garraway
    Country: USA
    An exploration of how art produced by the African-American community over the years has played an important role in the fight against systematic oppression.

  • Documentary short
    10 minutes / 2017
    Director: Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi
    Country: USA / Cuba
    Jennyselt is a dancer of Afro Cuban Folklore, with great prestige within Cuba and internationally and currently dances with the group Yoruba Andabo. She seeks her successor to keep the legacy of Afro-Cuban culture, dance and religion alive. Jennyselt takes us to the side of Havana that is rarely seen by tourist, Juanelo. Where there is a community project cultivating dreams and teaching the next generation of dancers. Who will she choose to keep the legacy alive?


  • Documentary short
    30 minutes / 2017
    Director: Nada Ibrahim
    Country: Egypt
    A short documentary featuring three life changing experience of three girls from Egypt. Struggling with their conservative parochial context; this part of the world where you are told how a life should be lived, they have decided to do it on their own and start a journey to find out about life...a journey to find about oneself to discover a more extrovert world full of challenges and unleashing their capabilities and dreams.


  • Documentary short
    11 minutes / 2017
    Director: May Yam
    Country: Namibia / USA
    This Documentary chronicles an annual medical mission to Namibia where an international group of medical doctors provides orthopedic services to underprivileged families. Follow along as the film covers the story of 1 woman and 2 baby girls through the medical procedures correcting lower body deformities.


  • Documentary short
    25 minutes / 2016
    Directors: Linda Leila Diatta and Jean Marc Poteau
    Country: Niger / Haiti
    Jackenson is a 13-year-old boxing hopeful from Haiti’s notorious Cité Soleil slum who is determined to box his way to the top. As he prepares for his upcoming fight against a rival club, he must surpass all expectations from his coaches, club and community.

  • Documentary short
    8 minutes / 2017
    Director: Lawrence Agbetsise
    Country: Ghana
    KADI is a story about Electricity and Education. A young girls Adzo, full of ambition and zeal to succeed in life. Her mother is a hindrance to her plans, because she does not believe in her. she therefore, invests all her hopes into a friend, she cares a lot about called KADI.


  • Documentary short
    12 minutes / 2016
    Director: Bianca Morgan
    Country: South Africa
    Louder than a Dog whistle is a poetically expository documentary that aims to challenge the ideology of the so-called ‘Rainbow Nation’ and the eradication of the social constructs within Apartheid, as well as how it fits into today’s society. It explores social issues that still affect the youth today-22 years after democracy- in their personal relationships, academic careers, social and professional environments.


  • Documentary short
    14 minutes / 2017
    Director: Daniella Bastien
    Country: Mauritius
    Foray into the « Marke » world, a practice, a ritual, a tradition which its transition becomes necessary at risk of witnessing the lost of a whole section of the Mauritian culture.


  • Documentary short
    30 minutes / 2016
    Director: Oluwaseun Babalola
    Country: Nigeria
    ṢOJU explores identity and entrepreneurship in Africa's diverse youth culture. Surfers, metal heads, and filmmakers tell us what it's like to live in Sierra Leone, Botswana and Nigeria.

  • Documentary short
    3 minutes / 2017
    Director: Christian Btwaiki
    Country: Congo DRC
    A SOCIETY, MORE CULTURES explores and shows the realities of cultural diversity in the Gomatracian society, especially the DRC, and reflecting in general the power and values of the existence of several colors in world society.


  • Documentary short
    29 minutes / 2016
    Director: A.a.V Amasi
    Country: Zimbabwe
    Twenty years ago blind musician Daniel Gonora was the leader of Zimbabwe’s largest touring group, the Jairos Jiri band. Daniel is one of three surviving band members out of thirty-two, the rest died of Aids. To feed his poverty-stricken family, Daniel now plays music on the streets of Zimbabwe with his young gifted son Isaac on Drums. You Can’t Hide From The Truth is a musical documentary about Isaac and his father Daniel struggling to make ends meet in Zimbabwe’s harsh political and economic environment. Their relationship is put to the test when Daniel pursues past dreams that could affect Isaac’s future reality.